2020 & Beyond

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Here's a look at the recent past, present, and future:

2019 Key Highlights:



1. We added $150,000 in upgrades - everything got an upgrade last year


2. We increased our floor space by over 400 feet


3. Our new milestone program allows you to earn exclusive discounts and awards


4. Blast Classes have allowed us to service more people and stop turning customers away when they show up for a busy workout.


5. Over 100 workouts and 250 exercises added

Here’s what’s on the menu for 2020:


1. New class schedule - some slower classes merged and new more accessible class times added
2. Visual workout builder - coming summer - more variety in workouts and better structure. This will be very exciting!

3. Workout Phase 6 - coming fall
4. A couple of new cardio pieces and booty bands - we're adding more tools for extra cardio and advancements for you

5. An upgraded Vo2 Max and Basal Metabolic Test experience - A more in-depth look at how your workouts are effecting your body

6. Max capacity change for classes changed to 24 instead of 32 - more floor room in the gym

7. Our new wellness program opportunities - coming soon

8. The first ever PZF Games (a battle of the fittest) - coming summer

9. The PZF Awards are back - after a 3 year hiatus - coming fall

What I'm Investigating:


1. Better networking platforms to help strengthen our communities


2. The At-Home Program - streaming services - to make a better buildout

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