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Exercise: The Ultimate Brain Booster

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Exercise: The Ultimate Brain Booster

Exercise: The Ultimate Brain Booster


Working out doesn’t only tone your body. It also strengthens your brain.


Even a single 30-minute session of stationery biking significantly improved memory in healthy older adults aged 55 to 85, according to a 2019 study.


On top of that, MRI scans proved that the participants brains were more active after exercise compared with the control group of people who had rested.


This adds to a growing body of research demonstrating that regular aerobic exercise boosts brain function. It actually reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease by 45 percent, according to Alzheimer’s Society.


“In the short term, aerobic exercise can also improve the performance of healthy adults on thinking tests,” the group reports. “Pulling together the results of 29 clinical trials, a month or more of regular aerobic exercise resulted in improvements in memory, attention, and processing speed when compared with regular non-aerobic exercise such as stretching and toning.”


Human brains begin a slow, steady loss of nerve tissue beginning in the third decade of life, but working out slows that erosion.


In fact, active older adults were found to have denser brains than their couch-potato counterparts, according to research reported in Psychology Today.


The exercisers were also better at cognitive tests. And they didn’t even have to break a sweat — even a brisk 45-minute walk three days a week made a positive difference in brain function.


Young athletes can also expect to handle complex cognitive tasks better than their sedentary brethren, researchers say.


Another study followed three groups of elderly women with brain lesions who did light weight training once a week, twice a week or not at all.


At the end of a year, scans revealed less brain shrinkage in the women who had trained twice a week. In addition, their lesions had grown far less than the other two groups.


Running doubles or triples the number of brain cells in lab rats and creates more tendrils in their neural communications network, according to a report in The New York Times.


“These young cells were better integrated into the overall brain circuitry, too, with more connections into portions of the brain involved in spatial and other types of memory,” the article noted.


Yet another smart reason to come to PZF for your fabulous fitness regime. Toning your bod sharpens your brain, too.

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