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Tired of never seeing results? 

vo2 testingBored with the same old routine at the gym? Peak Zone Fitness is a revolution in fitness training. We’ll help you get the body you want directly. Every time you visit you’ll work through a personal, targeted program that’s tailored just for you.

It’s also the most cost effective way of getting Olympic style personal coaching without the price tag.

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D-Magazine Says:

If you’re looking to make a change, big or small, this is limit-busting program that will hold you accountable and help you achieve your goals. -Chelsey Plumlee D-Magazine

Startup Dallas Says:

Ep.39 is alive! Check out a clip below about what makes Peak Zone Fitness so unique in getting health results. Donny Day has created an incredible fitness solution right here in our neighborhood of DFW!


Exceed your expectations and take the guesswork out of getting fit with this scientifically proven program.

  • The most effective fitness program ever.
  • Challenging workouts and great results.
  • Gain muscle, lose weight, & trim fat.
  • Enjoy whole body health & wellness.
  • Exclusive Free Benefits

With PeakZone, all the extras come as standard. Every member gets a personalized package including:

  • Expert VO2 Max & Basal Metabolic Testing
  • Wireless Calorie, Heart Rate & Effort Monitoring
  • Nutrition & Diet Planning

 Get 2 Free Sessions and Free Enrollment – Click Here!

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