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Tired of never seeing results?

vo2 testingBored with the same old routine at the gym? PeakZoneFitness is a revolution in fitness training. We’ll help you get the body you want directly. Every time you visit you’ll work through a personal, targeted program that’s tailored just for you.

It’s also the most cost effective way of getting Olympic style personal coaching without the price tag.

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Exceed your expectations and take the guesswork out of getting fit with this scientifically proven program.

  • The most effective fitness program ever.
  • Challenging workouts and great results.
  • Gain muscle, lose weight, & trim fat.
  • Enjoy whole body health & wellness.
  • Exclusive Free Benefits

With PeakZone, all the extras come as standard. Every member gets a personalized package including:

  • Expert VO2 Max & Basal Metabolic Testing
  • Wireless Calorie, Heart Rate & Effort Monitoring
  • Nutrition & Diet Planning

 Get 2 Free Sessions and Free Enrollment – Click Here!

CW33 TV News Feature

Smart Gym: The Alternative to Wasting your Time

By Barry Carpenter

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