What is it you do again?

We teach men and women with busy lifestyles and slow metabolisms how to lose fat, keep it off and gain muscle using our Peak Zone Fitness Method, which has 3 core principles. 

We know that a successful program must be 1. Effective, 2. Enjoyable and 3. provide you with loads of Support.

We help you create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. You’ll lose weight, but more importantly, learn how to keep it off for the rest of your life.

What exactly do you help people with?

  • Help with a personalized nutrition

  • We give you personalized workouts

  • Help your mindset

  • Help with your accountability

  • Help with a personalized cardio routine

  • Help with your habits

  • Weekly group calls

  • Access our members only Health & Fitness App

Who does this work for?

  • People with slow metabolisms/parent bods

  • Busy professionals working 40+ hours per week

  • People at risk of heart disease or diabetes

  • People with high blood pressure

  • People with an autoimmune disease

  • People look to build muscle and shed body fat

What are the benefits?

Big benefits, The Outer Evolution:

  • Losing weight

  • Regaining health

  • Getting lean and toned

  • Having more energy

More Subtle Benefits, The Inner Healing:

  • Being confident in front of a camera

  • Fit into your favorite clothes (you know, the ones in the back of the closet) that hadn't been worn for years

  • Feel more comfortable and confident in social situations

  • The increased discipline in their workout often generates greater discipline in other areas, such as finances and personal commitments

  • Feel more confident in reaching out and making new connections, both business and personal

  • Feel your intimate, private relationships improve. (One wife told us her husband looked better now at 46 than he did when they'd met, when he was 29!)

  • Feel a freedom you hadn't felt in years - to go places and do things you no longer thought possible

  • Feel the motivation needed to change things about yourself that you had lacked the confidence to attempt before

Your confidence will increase with every passing day, in every area of your life.


As you can see from our testimonials, what we teach flat out works. That isn’t hype or fluff, it works and it has been proven to work by our clients.


It doesn’t matter what you have gone through or how much failure or little success you’ve had in the past. We have worked with clients of all types from all kinds of different situations.

While nothing in life is guaranteed, we would love the honor to help you achieve your goals. We look forward to working with you!




We totally understand how you feel. Our crew is made up of people who overcame personal discomfort in the gym, as well as huge medical obstacles, and personal battles in weight. This is why Peak Zone Fitness was created!! We will also implement an accountability program for every member to guarantee an individualized culpability factor to your fitness experience. We truly want you and all of our members to succeed, and being comfortable in the gym is a key component to your success. Email us or Call for a free trial workout and we think you’ll be amazed how comfortable the atmosphere is.

Do You Do Custom Programs?

Yes, every program we have is custom.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Program?

Your first plans will be available within 2 business days of signing up and filling out the initial questionnaire.


All memberships are built around our Aesthetic fitness model. We have memberships to fit almost any need from unlimited number of workouts, nutrition coaching and support, to one workout per week and everything in between. Email us or Call for detailed information on this month’s special rates and a free trial workout.

How Much Is Each Program?

All of our prices are transparent but, we don't sell cookie cutter plans. We do a full goal and body assessment to find out exactly where you're at, where you want to go and what we need to do to get you there. It’s a shock to most but we actually care about customizing your plan and getting you results. Everyone is unique so our program looks different for every person we speak to. However, while it is tailored coaching which makes it hard to quote our average transformation client pays around $40 a week. Is this something you’d be able to consider if you were guaranteed to achieve your goals? Here's our most popular membership options:

Do You Do Meal Plans For Couples?

Yes we can do couple meal plans! Please sign up and let us know who you are partnered with. We can make the meal plans similar so that it is easier for groceries and meal prep. The meals and portion sizes are different due to different energy requirements and goals.

How Much Weight Should I Expect To Lose Every Week?

We aim for our clients to lose an average of 3 to 5 pounds per week. However each individual is different so this can affect the rate of your weight loss journey.

Do I Need To Exercise To Lose Weight?

No, you do not need to exercise to lose weight. We have had many successful clients join our nutrition coaching service only, however, exercise does help contribute to weight loss and wellbeing.

Are The Groceries Costly Each Week?

The cost of your groceries depends on your goals and energy requirements, we try to make the meal plans as budget friendly as possible to cater for your lifestyle.

What Do You Do?

We help people 40+ speed up their metabolism and lose weight whilst being able to eat the foods they love and live the lifestyle they want to live. 

Can I Drink Soft Drinks On My Plan?

Yes, you can have sugar free soft drinks in moderation to help with sugar cravings and adherence.

Tea, black coffee and sugar free cordial is fine to have as well as water of course.

How Personalized Are The Plans?

When you sign up and create an account on the website, you fill our elaborate questionnaire that covers all areas of nutrition and lifestyle. We make the plans based on the answers to the questionnaire and your energy requirements and goals.

I Am Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Coeliac, Vegan And/Or Pescatarian Etc. Can I Join The PZF Coaching Services?

Yes, we cater to everyone!

Can I Do PZF If I Have Medical Conditions?

Yes, our Coaches will work with you.

Where Are You Located?

Here is our address. 10531 E Northwest HWY Suite A Dallas 75238 Tx. It is in the Kroger's parking lot.

No Time | Too Busy | Truck Driver

I totally get it! I work 70 hours per week and have 4 kids of my own actually, but I always say to them ‘If I don't take care of myself how will I be able to take care of you properly?’ Don't you think it's important for your kids to see you living a healthy life and being happy with the way you look? Is that not priceless?

Why A Tour?

The reason for the tour is because we offer specialized programs, they are not a cookie-cutter approach. Everyone we speak to matters so we take the time to learn about your health history, current habits, and set realistic goals. From there, together we can decide whether you’re a good fit for the program.

Do My Calories Stay The Same The Entire Duration?

Calories are reassessed every 10 pounds changed at the point of your check in so it’s important to check in on time and be as honest as possible so that we can adjust when needed and if necessary.

How Are The Calories And Macros Calculated?

The calories and macros are calculated based off your estimated TDEE and goals. The estimated TDEE comes from your personal details and answers on our questionnaire.

Can I Afford This? There's Cheaper Options After All...

I totally understand this. Thing is that most people don’t invest in themselves or they pay for a quick fix and they get a quick fix. Unfortunately, 96% of people regain that weight, and more, I’ve seen people regain 10, 20 even 50lbs. Here’s how we operate. You pay a little more, but we find you a permanent solution guaranteed. As a result, you never spend money on weight loss again, you make better health choices which actually saves you money, and you never have to face the emotional roller-coaster of yo-yo dieting ever again. You wake up every single morning, look in the mirror and love what you see 😊 Make sense? For sure there are other places out there cheaper than what we are, but are you shopping on price or do you actually want to achieve your goals here? So, if you want to compare us to X, then it’s kind of like comparing apples with steak because they are 2 totally different things. You can keep shopping for the low price, or you can start with us which will help you solve X problems and that way you can stop starting all the time which will cost you way more over time anyway.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Yeah, we have a couple. The first is if you do nothing right now, your problems will stay. The second is if you do the work, you will get results. Do some people take longer than others? Sure. But if you’re motivated, we’re going to work with you to get those results as quick as possible. And if you do everything we say and still don't see any results, we'll happily refund whatever you haven't used. That's our guarantee.

I’ve Been in Other Programs Like This And Not Gotten Results

I get it. But the actual truth is you haven’t done anything like Peak Zone Fitness before because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. This program is life changing! And let's be honest. Before, did you do EVERYTHING they told you to do, honestly? If you did and it still wasn't working then maybe it wasn’t the right program for you, that's why we have hundreds of people here killing it with what we’re doing right now, and we can 100% help you too. At the end of the day doing nothing is going to be worse than never actually starting this process. We’ll work with you and listen to you every step of the way.

Do You Cater To Pregnant Women?

Yes, we cater to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Our Coaches will work closely with you.

Peak Zone Fitness

10531 E. Northwest Hwy, Suite A, Dallas, Texas 75238

(469) 706-3548

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