At Peak Zone Fitness, we're providing men and women across the Lake Highlands area, and throughout Dallas, the opportunity to pursue the highest possible quality of fitness.

We are the creators of the Fitness Industry's first: 1-on-1 aesthetic based personal training done in a group setting. Peak Zone Fitness is now the leading the way in customer experience and convenience with our new cutting edge Lifetime Aesthetics Platinum Personal Training Program. Train on-the-go, in-person, or online. Clients have the option to train with our revolutionary online training app or in our cutting edge facility. Our trainers will customize your unique workouts, which you can access online, through your smartphone, or in person. 40,000+ customers serviced and counting!

Our innovative system takes personal training to the next level -- with us, you'll have access to the top technological advances in the fitness industry. Memberships can include heart, lung, and metabolic testing, plus nutrition coaching and a master handbook which includes information about meal plans systems, body composition, heart rate, and more.

Our expert coaches will provide you with the accountability you need to stay on track. We'll monitor each workout and provide personalized feedback. We'll assess your progress, perfect your nutrition, and give you every tool you need to get unparalleled results.

Get the best training Dallas has to offer. It's easier than ever to get started.

  • 40,000+ Customers Serviced

  • Awarded "MindBody Visionary"

  • Awarded "Neighborhood Favorite" by Nextdoor

  • Awarded "Best Exercise Classes in Dallas For Under $10 per class average" by D Magazine

  • Awarded "People Love Us On Yelp"

  • Awarded "Best Trainers" in Dallas by Best Business

  • Awarded "Best Place to Work Out in Lake Highlands"

  • 800+ 5-star reviews

  • Featured on American Fitness Magazine

  • Featured on FOX

  • Featured on The CW

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Join us at Peak Zone Fitness and get started with the ultimate fitness experience.

Peak Zone Fitness

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