Peak Zone Fitness Workout: The most efficient Fitness Program, PERIOD!

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Peak Zone Fitness is based on a 6 month training program that is design to cater to any fitness level or goal and is completely individualized. Using heart rate monitors and overly certified expert fitness directors to constantly monitor your every workout, each client’s results are split into 4 phases.






Phase 1 – Muscle Activation; constant recruitment of new muscle fibers

Phase 2 – Base Training; creating a center point of stability and power

Phase 3 – Results; maximizing muscle breakdown and caloric burn

Phase 4 – Isolation; maximizing the growth of all the major muscle groups





What Results to Expect Per Month Based on Goal

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Bulkers – 5lbs weight gain + 3lbs being muscle

Weight loss – 8lbs weight loss + 4lbs being fat loss

Body fat % – 3% body fat loss

Healthier – 4 point Vo2 Max raise







Why Does It Work?

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The “After Burn” Effect


After a session at Peak Zone Fitness, your body will experience an accelerated “Fat Burn”. Each session will be trained at your desired “Peak Zone”; fat utilized as energy while getting all the benefits of resistance training. Because your body will be in a “Fat Burning” mode you will create an “after burn” effect, meaning that because the Peak Zone Fitness workouts, you will have an increased metabolism of 200-400 calories, 24-36 hours after your workout.



Take the guessing out of fitness and start using SCIENCE!