What is the Peak Zone Fitness Aesthetic Signature Class

Every Peak Zone Fitness Aesthetic Signature Class is the Ultimate fat burning, muscle building, life changing workout you will ever participate in! You can’t get this experience anywhere else in America! The program combines the POWER of 1-on-1 personal training with the ENERGY, COMRADERIE, and FUN of playing on a team!! Simply put… This program is unique because there’s never been anything like it and it is the result of the most comprehensive experience possible! The END RESULT… whatever you want to do or be in life, Peak Zone Fitness will help you do it quicker, better and longer!

The Most Unique Aesthetic Based Personal Training Program in Dallas

Our unique group training aesthetic signature class combines the most effective elements of bikini model training, fitness model training, and bodybuilding to create the ultimate aesthetic physique. Stand out in a crowd by being the "fit" friend who has rock hard abs with muscles that fit your body type in a beautifully elegant way. You'll work alongside a small group and get the accountability and community support of fitness classes, but enjoy a personalized training plan crafted by one of our expert coaches.

At Peak Zone Fitness, we're redefining personal training. Rather than the traditional one-on-one personal training model, which can be intimidating and high-pressure, we use small group training methods to foster a supportive environment where members can uplift one another and keep each other accountable. However, due to the small size of the group and our innovative tracking methods you still get the customization and individual attention associated with traditional personal training.

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Class Preview

We're helping men and women from Lake Highlands, Lakewood, Garland, and all across Dallas redefine personal training and get real results. With our award-winning team at your back, you'll finally start the journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Our unique personal training offers:

  • Customized workouts that take your unique body into account
  • An organized system with personalized feedback and performance tracking
  • The support and accountability of our team and community

Your progress and results are a huge priority at Peak Zone Fitness. Our team is compassionate, caring, and 100% dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. You can learn more about how we personalize your results, or simply join us in Lake Highlands for the best personal training program in Dallas!

Workout Monitoring

Each person’s numbers are personalized based off of their fitness level and goals.

As you work out, your heart rate, calories burned, and effort points are monitored and displayed on our wall monitor for you and your trainer.

The goal is to work out at your Peak Zone (See Individualization for more details) which is personalized for your own fitness level and goals.


Your Peak Zone is customized using science’s best medical advances (VO2 max test) for fitness. Using the VO2 test and many other variables your peak zone is generated at an 80% percentile mark using the heart rate tracking software.

Each person, therefore, gets the exact workout they need for their specific goals, such as weight loss, toning, health, bulking, endurance, training, etc..

Each member’s fitness level is continually assessed and the effort level is adjusted.


◘ Awarded “MindBody Visionary″

◘ Awarded best exercise classes in Dallas for under $10 per class average by D Magazine.

◘ Awarded “People Love Us On Yelp”

◘ Awarded “Best Trainers” in Dallas by Best Business’.

◘ Awarded “Best Place to Workout in Lake Highlands”

◘ One of the Highest rated programs in Texas (over 800 Five-Star member reviews.)

◘ 600+ totally different workouts are scheduled so that you will only see the same workout once per year.

◘ Each day, one workout will run all day long with variations of the exercises personalized to each member and their fitness level.

◘ We are open 7 days a week

◘ We work around any injury you may have and work to resolve them using water rowers, suspension trainers, and digressions (modified versions) of different exercises.

◘ We do 1500 totally different exercises (5 to 6 times the average exercise program) to keep the workouts new, fresh, and progressive for best results.

◘ We have an accountability tracking program, so if you don’t show up, we will go above and beyond to keep you progressing and getting results – Your progress and results are a huge priority at Peak Zone Fitness.

You’ll find a huge variation in workouts utilizing brand new performance trainers, water rowers, bosu balls, barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, suspension trainers, kettlebells, steppers, and other equipment to keep things new and different.

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The first step is sitting down with one of our professional personal trainers. We'll help you discover what your body needs so that we can deliver the best possible results. At Peak Zone Fitness, we're proud to offer men and women from across Dallas the opportunity to get life-changing results, to feel stronger and healthier, and to truly enjoy their training. Discover a thriving community when you join us for personal training!

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Our Aesthetic Signature Classes

Our unique group training aesthetic signature class combines the most effective elements of one-on-one training with small group fitness. You'll work alongside a small group and get the accountability and community support of fitness classes, but enjoy a personalized training plan crafted by one of our expert coaches.

The Aesthetic Fitness+ Membership

Gain Full Access to our year long Trademarked Peak Zone Fitness "Aesthetics Fitness+ Training Module." With our Aesthetic Fitness+ Membership you'll be able to enjoy your own in-person custom workouts, the aesthetic signature classes, thousands of on-the-go at-home workouts, and PeakZoneTrainer, our pocket personal trainer.

Lifetime Aesthetics Platinum Membership

At Peak Zone Fitness, we're providing men and women across the Lake Highlands area, and throughout Dallas, the opportunity to pursue the highest possible quality of fitness aesthetics with our trademarked permanent solution program.

Peak Zone Fitness

10531 E. Northwest Hwy, Suite A, Dallas, Texas 75238


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