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365 Days A Year!

Gym Policies & Potential Fees

  • $30 automatic guest fee charge - Do not let others inside the facility. Members must enter 1 at a time or the system will automatically assume a guest is entering and charge the member that lets them in.

  • $15 clean up fee policy - All members must wipe down and breakdown all equipment used or be subjected to a $15 clean up fee.

  • $20 key fob replacement fee - Any key fob lost, stolen, or damaged will be replaced for a $20 fee.

  • All open gym hours are for clients only.

  • Respect the facility - Use common sense. No weight slamming, Damaging of equipment, or Taking liberties with equipment or doors

  • Respect your fellow member/warrior - Use common sense. Don’t steal peoples equipment or spots, Don’t do anything annoying, and Keep your clothes on

  • Respect the staff - Use common sense. Don’t disrupt the classes, Ask if you need alterations to the workout, and Keep a positive attitude when you’re in here. Remember we’re all in this together so build eachother up and be respectful.

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Peak Zone Fitness

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