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Innovative Personal Training in Lake Highlands

Voted "Best Trainers in Dallas" by Best Business & Awarded "Best Place to Work Out in Lake Highlands" 

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Welcome To The Future Of Fitness

At Peak Zone Fitness, we're providing men and women across the Lake Highlands area, and throughout Dallas, the opportunity to pursue the highest possible quality of fitness.

Our innovative system takes personal training to the next level -- with us, you'll have access to the top technological advances in the fitness industry. Memberships can include heart, lung, and metabolic testing, plus nutrition coaching and a master handbook which includes information about meal plans systems, body composition, heart rate, and more.

Our expert coaches will provide you with the accountability you need to stay on track. We'll monitor each workout and provide personalized feedback. We'll assess your progress, perfect your nutrition, and give you every tool you need to get unparalleled results

Get the best training Dallas has to offer. It's easier than ever to get started.

- Awarded MindBody Visionary 2019
- Awarded Best Exercise Classes in Dallas For Under $10 by D Magazine
- Awarded "People Love Us On Yelp" For Four Years Running
- Awarded "Best Trainers" in Dallas by Best Business
- Awarded "Best Place to Work Out in Lake Highlands"
- Most Class Times Available Of Any Gym in Texas (70+ per week)
- Highest-rated Program in Texas (600+ 5-star reviews)
- 246 Unique Workouts

Join us at Peak Zone Fitness and get started with the ultimate fitness experience.


Lindsey Lockhart

After having worked out with a trainer for over a year, I've found the network of professionals I was seeking to find. Meal plans are designed specifically for you and are VERY, very simple. Workouts ...

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Manuela Wright

Lindsey Sheppard

Lindsey Blanchard

Sven Trautmann

Alex Bogan

Personal Training near Dallas

Elite Hybrid Personal Training

At Peak Zone Fitness, we're providing men and women across the Lake Highlands area, and throughout Dallas, the opportunity to pursue the highest possible quality of fitness.

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In Person Group Training

Our unique group training program combines the most effective elements of one-on-one training with small group fitness. You'll work alongside a small group and get the accountability and community support of fitness classes, but enjoy a personalized training plan crafted by one of our expert coaches.

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Online Custom Training

Our Online Custom Training program was created to give you the chance to stay in constant contact with our professional staff and make adjustments as needed.

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Personal Training near Dallas

Live Heart Rate Tracking

Part of our philosophy is to help each individual train within their "peak zone," which is a specific heart rate range wherein more calories are burned from fat. Our expert personal trainers will create exercise plans to target your body's ideal range with each and every session.

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Personal Training near Dallas

Metabolic and VO2 Max Testing

Our programs at Peak Zone Fitness use VO2 Max testing as well as metabolic testing to determine your body's unique needs. When you train with us in Lake Highlands, you're not getting a generalized personal training program -- you're getting what your body really needs.

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Take Personal Training To The Next Level

Our innovative system at Peak Zone Fitness is helping men and women across Lake Highlands and throughout Dallas get real results.

  • Consultation


    If you don't know where you're going, it's hard to get there quickly. Our expert personal trainers will help you establish short-term and long-term goals, provide you with a road map for success, and connect you with the resources you need to thrive.

  • Nutrition


    Don't just work hard -- work smart. Our team at Peak Zone Fitness will connect you with a curated, individualized nutrition plan that will help you get the most out of every movement. Fuel your body, feed your soul, and make your body strong!

  • Support


    From unwavering support to earnest accountability, our team of compassionate personal trainers and the incredible community we've cultivated here in Lake Highlands will encourage you as you strive to meet your goals. 

  • Results


    If you've struggled to achieve your goals, it's not your fault! Making change happen is difficult unless you have the expertise and resources to do things right, which is why our team will give you all the tools you need to transform your fitness for good.

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