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About the Owner and The Company

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About the Owner and The Company

Peak Zone Fitness is a gym that is about to revolutionize the fitness industry. It will challenge everything you thought you knew about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. It is a gym founded with experience, grit, and a purpose to change how the fitness industry works. Unlike most gyms, Peak Zone Fitness sets itself apart with their training expertise. Not only does it focus on your result, but also your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Peak Zone Fitness is about giving everyone a life-changing experience.


And it all happened because of one man’s vision. It all started with Donny Day—the man behind Peak Zone Fitness. He saw the countless ways the fitness industry is failing its customers and he wanted to offer something better.  He created a program with the benefits of one-on-one personal training within a group setting—the Peak Zone Fitness Program.


The Founder

Donny Day saw a gap in the fitness industry that has never been offered before. With fifteen collective company awards to his name, mentorship of over 100 fitness managers, 1000 personal trainers, and over 40,000 clients, Donny Day had a vision.


Donny Day is one of the fortunate people who knows what he wants early in life.

I was young enough to want it so bad. And after spending countless hours training with other trainers, following them around, taking notes from everybody, begging for information, and doing all my certifications, before I knew it, I became the number one trainer for Bally Total Fitness in the State of Texas. And I was just 18 years old when that happened.”


By the time he reached 20 years old, he had an opportunity to move to Los Angeles and work at LA Fitness. Striving to be the best fitness trainer he could be, Donny used the experience to excel, working 12 hours a day, and promoting to Manager.


Eventually, Donny moved back to Texas to train private clients and obtain new certifications to improve his fitness knowledge. Shortly after, he became a Manager for Just Fitness’ Personal Training Department where he broke multiple sales records, and was promoted to Vice President for their 20 million dollar project with 20 clubs. During his time as Vice President Donny Day visited and studied the nation’s top fitness trends in order to build various personal training and group personal training programs within the Just Fitness business.


Using insight from his previous work, letting experiences mold him, and learning from his obstacles, Donny Day then created Peak Zone Fitness, a fitness startup featured in over 200 different media outlets and loved by its customers with over 600 perfect reviews.



The Company

Peak Zone Fitness was created to give fitness enthusiasts a unique experience in order to achieve their fitness goal, whether it is toning, muscle building, or weight loss.

A Peak Zone Fitness Workout is not like any other workout. Peak Zone Fitness provides the effectiveness of one-on-one personal training with the energy, camaraderie, and fun of doing it with a team. With this unique experience, your fitness goals are achievable. You share your accomplishments and your struggles- and they make it happen.

Peak Zone Fitness trainers motivate their members, by exploring and developing their mindset towards fitness, so that everyone reaches his or her desired goal.


It is a yearlong training program, composed of 600 different exercises and 244 different workouts. Carefully designed and personalized, the Peak Zone Fitness program has multiple phases and micro-cycles to optimize individual effectiveness. From VO2 testing, to accountability tracking, to nutrition programs, Peak Zone Fitness has you covered.

With this personalized and advanced training program, Peak Zone Fitness has gained their clients’ trust, receiving perfect reviews about their effective and quick results:

“I love working out at Peak Zone Fitness. It’s the toughest workout I’ve ever done but it’s the only one that’s given me the results I’ve been able to really attain-within 6 months I’d lost several inches more than 15 pounds and 3 clothing sizes. The coaches genuinely care about you as an individual. Your workout is customized but you can’t get away with slacking off during class. I need that accountability along with the heart monitor to keep my heart rate up.”

One member at a time, they are building a community of fitness enthusiasts who are reaching their goals.

As Donny Day defines it, Peak Zone Fitness is about a one-of-a-kind experience:

I am focused on providing an intense and dynamic experience in a motivating environment. With my expertise, members will achieve a level of physical condition, education, and overall sense of well-being that would otherwise be unreachable.”


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