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Group Fitness in America

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Group Fitness in America

Group fitness is in.


Nearly 60 million Americans attend a group workout at least once a week, according to MindBody, the largest technology platform serving the fitness industry.


Whether strength training, dance or yoga, getting active with others has serious advantages over working out alone.


Group exercisers are more satisfied with their level of fitness than those who go solo, according to MindBody’s survey of 20,000-plus Americans in major cities.


They’re also happier and feel closer to friends, family and their communities than solo exercisers.


All of this indicates that group classes like those at Peak Zone Fitness are remarkably effective for achieving good health – a state of physical, mental and social well being.


But any form of physical activity releases chemicals that boost your mood and relieve stress. The more you work out, the better you feel.


Those who exercise the most – at least five times a week – know this. They say their top motivation is to live a long and healthy life. Number two is to be strong and fit, and three is to look better.


It’s a little different for people who get active once a week or less. Their primary reason is to lose weight, second is to feel good, and third is to reduce stress.


On average, survey respondents work out 2.6 times each week in studios, at home or outdoors.


More than 42 percent get active at least three times a week, with 55-to-60 year olds being the most dedicated (48 percent) and young adults aged 18 to 22 the least (42 percent).


Men work out more frequently, with 54 percent reporting three or more weekly workouts compared with 43 percent of women.


Anyone who has ever visited Los Angeles won’t be surprised to learn that Angelenos are the biggest fitness junkies, with 87 percent making time to work out at least once a week.


How does your routine compare with the survey respondents?



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