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Muscle Confusion - The Truth

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Muscle Confusion - The Truth

Mixing It Up


You’ve heard of “muscle confusion,” which is often touted as an important factor in fitness.


The theory is that continually varying your exercise routine will enhance muscle development and prevent stagnation.


It turns out that mixing up your routine doesn’t make a whit of difference in muscle thickness or strength, but it does boost your motivation to hit the gym, which is a critical factor in any fitness program.


These are the findings of a study published in Plos One, an online journal of scientific research.


Physical education and physiology professors had 21 athletic men perform an 8-week resistance training program. Half of them did a fixed routine of exercises and repetitions while the others’ workouts were randomly varied by an app.


In the end, both groups displayed the same degree of muscle growth as indicated by ultrasound measurement.


However, participants who followed the diversified program showed “significant, moderate improvement in the intrinsic motivation to training,” while the other group presented “non-significant decreases in this variable.”


In other words, the people who did the same sequence repeatedly actually became slightly less interested in weight training.


This can happen at health clubs where weight classes feature the same exercises over and over, but it will never be an issue at Peak Zone Fitness.


We have a 365-day program that is carefully designed to strengthen and tone your entire body, and every daily workout is different.


Like many Peak Zone members, you may find your determination to hit the gym rises along with your fitness level. Welcome to the club.

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