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Strengthen Your Immune System with Exercise!

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Strengthen Your Immune System with Exercise!

Working out during the COVID-19 pandemic is more important than ever.

Why? Because a good sweat boosts your immune system and reduces stress hormones, which suppress your immune system.

In fact, exercise is effective in reducing upper respiratory tract infections, according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

The experiment followed a diverse group of 1,002 adults ages 18 to 85 for 12 weeks over a fall and winter season. They reported how often they exercised and estimated their fitness levels on a 10-point scale.

At the end, researchers analyzed the number of days that participants suffered from upper respiratory tract infections and compared it with their activity levels.

Those who did aerobic activities five or more times a week were sick 43 percent less frequently than the sedentary subjects who worked out only once a week or less.

On top of that, the fitness junkies who did fall ill were less severely impacted, suffering 32 to 41 percent less symptoms than the couch potatoes.

Scientists aren’t exactly sure why, but they know that when your heart rate speeds up so does blood flow – and all the disease-fighting white blood cells and antibodies that are floating around in it.

They hypothesize that accelerating these pathogen fighters may enable them to pinpoint and attack viruses and other invaders faster.

Moreover, resistance training causes muscle contractions that force movement in the lymphatic system, a key part of your immune system. Jumping is also a great way to get lymphatic circulation moving.

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