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Easing Back into Workouts

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Easing Back into Workouts

Some of us took lockdown a little too literally.


If you slacked off of your exercise routine during quarantine, you’re not alone.


Fitbit reports that step counts declined all over the world as the pandemic set in and nations closed down.


At Peak Zone Fitness, we want to make sure you resume your workouts without injury.


Moderation is key. Don’t expect to lift the same amount of weight or run the same number of miles that you did before you took a break.


“When you haven’t been exercising, you lose muscle mass,” said Dr. Monica Rho, chief of musculoskeletal medicine at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago, in an interview with The New York Times.


Begin rebuilding those muscles with familiar body weight exercises — squats, lunges, planks and hip raises.


When you resume weights or cardio, cut the intensity to about half of what it was pre-quarantine. If you ran five miles, run two or two-and-a-half. If you loaded 100 pounds for deadlifts, start with 50.


Stick to that for the first week, and then boost everything up about 25 percent the next week and another 25 percent the third week. This will put you back at your prior level within three weeks.


As always, stop if you feel sudden or growing pain while exercising.


See you at the gym or on the app.


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