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Metabolic & VO2 Max Testing in Lake Highlands

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Our Workouts Cater To Your Body's Unique Chemistry

Our mission at Peak Zone Fitness is to deliver unparalleled results that will keep your heart, mind, and body happy. That's why we use the latest technology to boost our cutting-edge training regimens and world-class personal trainers -- through Metabolic and VO2 Max testing, we'll determine exactly what your unique body needs so that we can deliver a workout to maximize results for YOU. We'll run these tests twice a year to make sure you're getting the best possible workout!

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What Are The Benefits Of Metabolic & VO2 Max Testing?

We want to help you achieve real results. To do that, it's important that we work with your body chemistry to tailor a workout that's right for you. Our personal training program is designed to keep you operating within your "peak zone", where you burn the most possible calories from fat -- with specialized heart rate-tracking software and VO2 Max testing, we'll determine your individual peak zone and curate an exercise routine that keeps you there.

Your nutrition is also a key component of fitness. That's why Peak Zone Fitness uses metabolic testing to determine your body's basal metabolic rate -- we'll learn how many calories your body burns while you're active, at rest, or when working out. We'll know exactly how many calories you need to lose, maintain, or gain weight. With harmony between your workout and your nutrition, you'll get results faster than ever.

Through Metabolic & VO2 Max testing, we'll deliver:
  • Personalized workouts that capitalize on your body's needs
  • Important information about how your body operates
  • Exact nutrition plans based on your individual metabolism
  • Real changes in your fitness, faster than ever before


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Fast-Track your Results at Peak Zone Fitness!

When you train with us, you'll achieve your goals faster than ever. Our innovative personal training system provides you with comprehensive metrics about your exercise and nutritional needs, unlimited accountability and support, and the expertise of our award-winning staff. Whether you're here in Lake Highlands or elsewhere in Dallas, our personal trainers are committed to helping you find lasting success. 

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